A Gentleman’s Handbook To Buy The Perfect Undies

Like they say, “if you’re happy from the inside, you’ll look happy on the outside too!” Your inner happiness does reflect in your mood and behaviour. It is essential to keep this in mind while you purchase your inner wears. Underwear is the most intimate accessory that a man possesses. It’s really the very first thing they put on every single day!

For generations, the importance of wearing a good pair of gents undergarments has been underestimated. Trust us, it can be the real game-changer. A piece of clothing that is the closest to your skin must definitely be given a lot of thought before investing. The next time you go underwear shopping, make sure you’ve given these points a thought!

Breathable fabric

Since gents undergarments always stick right to your skin, the choice of fabric it’s made up of is paramount. Look for light and breathable fabrics like pure cotton or cotton blends. An unmatchable quality of this fabric is that it is highly absorbent and hypoallergenic in nature. Usually, you have to carry underwear from day until night. Isn’t it? Wearing the same garment piece for the entire day might cause you a lot of sweating. Cotton absorbs all the moisture and makes sure your skin gets enough room to breathe. Being hypoallergenic, this fabric is suitable for men even with the most sensitive skin and keeps them away from rashes during the scorching summer days.

If you opt for an underwear made up of cotton blends, go for the one which has a lesser percentage of some other fabric and a higher percentage of cotton. Also, always look for underwear with elastic waistbands to ensure increased comfort. Microfiber is another material you can opt for. In terms of softness, we bet you wouldn’t find a fabric as soft as microfiber.

Uncompromised comfort

If you’re into sports, gymming, yoga or regular workouts, you would best understand the importance of comfortable underwear. An underwear that doesn’t fit you perfectly, has a loose elastic or isn’t made out of soft fabric can be highly discomforting. After rigorous sweat-soaked exercise sessions, your underwear should immediately absorb all the sweat and make you feel dry. Added to this, it should also remain odour free so that you do not get embarrassed while walking past someone. Along with providing comfort, sweat absorption also keeps microbes and bacteria at bay. This saves you from a lot of infections that might otherwise bother you big time!

Considerable longevity

You must make it a point to invest very mindfully while purchasing underwear. A low-quality underwear tends to fade away and shrink after a couple of washes. In contrast to this, well-made underwears survive multiple washes and dries in laundry machines.  High-quality underwear is more durable and lasts for a longer time. Go by the “quality over quantity” thought. Have fewer pairs of underwear but make sure you’re investing in the most premium quality. 

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An underwear is the most worn piece of clothing by men. A garment that sticks to your skin the entire time must ensure comfort round the clock. The next time you purchase an underwear for yourself, look out for these attributes so you can feel at ease, no matter what your day looks like! You can buy from a wide range of gents undergarments offered by Mudbond.