The urban active series

From Work to Workout: Moves, Breathes, & Lives with you!


Enjoy the feel of airy light fabric without compromising on durability.Our innovative fabric has been designed from scratch to meet the needs of the modern man, from dusk to dawn.Forget the discomfort of bunched up fabric under your pants as you move and groove. Feel the caress of soft, airy light fabric that offers lasting protection and support.The only thing that should be heavy is the weight you lift in the gym!

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Breathable   Freshness

Intelligent & innovative design with strategic mesh placements to ensure all-day airflow. The special mesh fabric ensures enhanced airflow in sweat-prone areas while being 100% see-through proof. Don’t turn into a swamp down there as you run, fight, and jump over the hurdles of the day. Let your skin breathe and stay dry even when you sweat it out.

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Microbe   Shield

Our undergear is woven with the patented Swiss anti-odor & anti-microbial technology from the house of HEIQ. We have infused the pioneering HEIQ Fresh technology that employs advanced odor control technology to render your nether regions fresh even after a long, sweaty day. The HEIQ Pure technology combines silver into the textile to impart long-lasting microbe fighting properties.Our undies retain their antimicrobial qualities even after multiple washes. Live an active lifestyle without the inconvenience of changing your underwear multiple times throughout the day. Feel fresh every hour of every day.

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Performance   Fabric

Fabric so soft and light, it feels like second skin! We’ve used sophisticated textile technology to make a fabric that suits the diverse climatic conditions of the country. Having tested different fabrics, we have come up with the perfect blend that’s one of a kind. As breathable as cotton, as stretchy as modal, as smooth as silk, and as tough as jeans – here comes our performance fabric! It retains its shape and offers you consistent support even when you perform rigorously.Stay active fearlessly, all year long!

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