The paramount importance of wearing socks with shoes

They say, “invest in good shoes because good shoes take you to places.” But, the importance of pairing a good pair of socks with good shoes remains highly underestimated. Socks are the first line of protection for your feet. A good pair of socks not only prevents your shoes from rubbing but also gives your feet comfortable cushioning. Providing an ideal environment for your feet to breathe, socks help in controlling the moisture levels. 

An average foot loses about a cup of moisture every day. If you’re into sports activities like running, hiking or regular gymming then your feet are likely to sweat even more. The environment inside your shoes remains warm. Despite the number of showers you take in a day, perspiration can still cause certain bacteria to breed inside your shoes. If you’re someone with an active lifestyle, it becomes even more important for you to always wear socks inside your shoes. Here’s what might happen if you don’t wear socks.

Smelly feet

Good quality socks absorb all the sweat and moisture from your feet. When you don’t wear socks, the sweat has nowhere to go and remains inside of the shoes. This results in a very foul smell. Furthermore, socks also prevent your feet from rubbing against the sole of the shoes. This prevents blisters which occur when you wear shoes without socks. So buy men’s socks and always wear them inside your shoes to keep the stinky smell away from the feet. 


Despite the name that it has, ringworms aren’t really worms. They are a kind of fungus that might grow in moisture. Not wearing socks can increase the risk of catching this fungus, which can further grow up your leg and cause fungal infections. 

Ruined shoes

A person with an active lifestyle is certain to invest in good-quality shoes. This automatically translates to the shoes being expensive. Now, when you don’t wear socks with a good pair of shoes, you’re bringing all the dirt on your feet directly inside your shoes. This makes the shoes black and dirty on the sole. Wearing socks is highly recommended if you don’t want your costly pair of shoes to last long. Men’s socks in India are available in various patterns and clothing material. So try to buy men’s socks that are of good quality. 

Importance of socks

From runners to hikers to fitness enthusiasts, a good pair of socks makes for an essential part of men’s footwear. A single walk exerts as much as 1,0,0,000 tonnes of pressure on your feet. Now imagine the pressure exerted when you run, hike or hit the gym for resistance training! An ideal pair of performance socks must serve you the following purposes:

  • Give a comfortable and dry environment to your feet
  • Provide your feet with stability during intense activities
  • Ensure that your feet don’t slide inside the footwear so you can move with more accuracy

The 26 bones, 36 joints and 12,500 sweat glands present in each human foot are more susceptible to strain and injury during rigorous exercises. Socks are especially recommended while playing sports or working out to ensure the following:

  • For shock absorption
  • For helping you more quickly and easily
  • To ensure maximum movement of the feet
  • To provide you comfort for longer durations
  • To withstand continuous and rigorous movement
  • To trap moisture from the skin and prevent slipping of feet inside the shoes

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