A guide to men’s innerwear style and fabric

Innerwears form a quintessential part of your wardrobe and choosing the right ones can be nerve-wracking many times. However, putting your time and effort into selecting your innerwear is completely worth doing so. Getting the right pair of gents inner wear for you not only helps you stay comfortable throughout the day but also helps in getting the soft touch against the skin and making them perfectly comfy for the day.

Selecting mens innerwear online requires downing to the last details. There are some mistakes that people make while finding the ones online that suit their needs. So, to ensure the right men’s innerwear that fits your requirements, here are some checkpoints included in the write-up that would be helpful for you while buying gents inner wear.

Prioritize Material Quality

It’s worth giving due care to the type and quality of the material used. While choosing the right innerwear for yourself, we suggest that you must consider the type, material, and quality of tailoring of the innerwear. Also, make sure that the material used is soft, breathable, and easy to wear.

The size that Fits You 

Before time flies, one must note that some fabrics tend to shrink immediately after the first washing. Beware! Such information might not be mentioned on the pack. Therefore, while buying mens innerwear online, always seek information about the clothing material used to ensure that it does not dwindle after multiple washes. You can also buy a size larger if the material is shrinkable.


Among innumerable innerwear, the moisture-wicking are the ones that absorb the moisture from your skin, thereby helping you feel cool and dry. They also control the foul odor caused by moisture. Take a note of the moisture absorbability at the time of buying the trunks to ensure that it has the tendency to deal with moisture and does not give a sultry feeling while wearing. It’s better to consider gents’ inner wear made by using the HEIQ fresh technology for superior odor control. 

Anti-chafing trunk

If you are one of those active persons with sporty routines, then we recommend you to consider the anti-chafing trunks. They have been designed to keep the thigh safe from the friction caused during several exercises such as tracking, cycling, and more. 

Your Physique and Innerwear 

There are several varieties of mens innerwear online at Mudbond, but it’s good to choose the one that fits your physique. So, the following mentioned below are some of our recommendations for the same.